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Chiropractors in Norwich :: What to Expect

Our Aim is to Take Care of You!

At Anglia Chiropractic Healthcare, each of our patients is treated as an individual with their own unique problems and anxieties and are treated accordingly. As Chiropractors in Norwich, we pride ourselves in showing each patient respect and compassion in a supportive and pleasant environment. Our aim is to take care of you!!

If you are the type of person who is serious about your health, and you believe in proactive and preventative care, improving what you do in order to help yourself not just in the short but also long term, then I honestly believe you are in the best Norwich Chiropractic clinic in the area.

Evidence Based Proactive Chiropractic Care

At Anglia Chiropractic Healthcare, we aim to provide the finest evidence based proactive Chiropractic care and education in Norwich , Norfolk, where people can be confident and reassured that the choices they make are specific to them, minimizing the risk of unnecessary drugs and surgery where possible.

Our Chiropractors offer a complementary health care class to our new clients, where they get information that enables them to get better faster, saving them time and money, and keeping them healthier for longer.

We’d love to meet you and answer your questions. Our Norwich chiropractor is happy to help!

Chiropractors in Norwich :: First Visit

Once you have made your appointment, if we have your mobile telephone number, we will send you a reminder of your appointment time 24 hours before.

You will be warmly welcomed

You will be warmly welcomed by one of our friendly staff, and if you have not already completed the online paperwork, you will be guided through any necessary paperwork for completion.

You will then shortly afterwards meet your chiropractor, and be shown into one of our light and spacious consulting rooms.

Full & Pertinent Health History

A full and pertinent health history will be taken, looking into past and present issues which may be related to the problem you are presenting with. It is important to know that it is safe and appropriate for your Chiropractor to work with you.

Thorough Examination

We will then invite you to undertake the physical part of the examination, comprising of standard chiropractic, neurological and orthopaedic tests in order to obtain vital information about the function of the spine and interaction on the nervous system. Ladies will be invited to wear a gown, and a thorough but relevant assessment will indicate what may be causing or contributing to your problem/symptoms.When clinically indicated, x-rays may be advised.

We will Listen and Learn

The purpose of the initial consultation is to determine the state of your neuromusculoskeletal system and if we can help. We do lots of listening and we will learn lots about your body that you may not be aware of!

The initial consultation takes approximately 40 minutes.

After this initial visit, we sit down and review all the information, in order for us to make the relevant recommendations during your Report of Findings.

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