Laser therapy in Norwich

As the first and most-experienced certified medical provider of K-Laser in Norwich, our team are fully trained to provide this state of the art treatment, proven to have success with a wide range of conditions. Laser is a safe, non-invasive therapy used by trained clinicians such as chiropractors like ourselves, that uses specific wavelengths of light photobiostimulate for tissue cell metabolism.

Laser energy increases circulation; drawing water, oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area. This creates an optimal healing environment for:

  • Reduced swelling – reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasm, stiffness and pain. It also has an anti-microbial effect on tissue.
  • Reduced pain
  • Quicker recovery – faster regeneration of muscles, ligaments, skin, tendons and nerves

As a safe and effective treatment for many conditions and most areas of the body, K-Laser therapy can be used in conjunction with our expert chiropractic treatment to speed up the healing process of specific target areas, whilst maintaining your overall well-being.

Providers of K-Laser in Norwich

We are delighted to be able to offer this ground-breaking laser therapy in Norwich. Our K-Laser treatment provides you with an alternative option to enhance tissue repair and reduce pain and inflammation. We can use the laser as a standalone therapy or alongside your chiropractic care as an important component. Please note, that not all lasers are the same.

Our Class IV Laser is the most powerful and advanced technological therapeutic laser and effectively penetrates superficial and deep tissue structures.

To find out more information about k-laser therapy and decide if this is the right care for you, call us on 01603 414740 or email us and we’ll be happy to help.

How Safe is K-Laser?

There are no foreseeable risks associated with K-Laser therapy when used by trained clinicians. Tens of thousands of trained clinicians use K-Laser globally, resulting in millions of patient hours per annum in treatments.

K-Laser is suitable for many patient ailments seen within our clinic. It can be used safely for any age group: it is suitable for children, the elderly, during pregnancy, elite athletes and for acute or chronic conditions. There are a few instances that we are unable to use the K-Laser. It would not be used directly onto the abdomen during pregnancy, over any known carcinoma and cancerous growths, thyroid, testes or ovaries or directly into the eyes.

The devices have been tested thoroughly for safety and effectiveness, and have been approved by the FDA and CE (EU).

Laser therapy is not known to induce any allergic reactions and in most cases, no unwanted side effects are reported.

Occasional effects due to stimulation of the target tissue, which are temporary, might include:

  • A temporary increase in symptoms during application of the therapy
  • A temporary increase in symptoms within 24 hours after laser therapy.
  • As the healing process is more active after treatment, there may occasionally be a transient and self-limiting increase in symptoms, however this is a normal response and should not be interpreted as an adverse event.
  • A mild bruising from vasodilation (rarely reported)
  • A reaction to photosensitizing drugs (which is a theoretical precaution)

What Conditions Can Be Treated With K-Laser

We are true advocates of K-Laser, it is incredibly versatile, and stimulates soft tissues, ligaments, cartilage and nerves. K-Laser can be used as a treatment or management tool for osteoarthritic pain, chronic neuropathic pain, carpel tunnel treatment and as a treatment for tennis elbow to mention a few. There are numerous clinical studies documenting the effectiveness of laser therapy.

The video above explains the benefits experienced by Dom, who had been suffering with frozen shoulder and had been told by healthcare professionals that the only way to improve the 30% movement he had in his shoulder was through surgery. With professionally administered K-Laser treatment, the pain he was experiencing subsided and he now enjoys 90% movement without the unnecessary risk of major surgery.

There are numerous clinical studies documenting the effectiveness of laser therapy:

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K-Laser UK website for more information

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