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Meet the Team at Anglia Chiropractic Healthcare

The health professionals of Anglia Chiropractic Healthcare welcome you to our Norwich Chiropractic clinic. As Chiropractors in Norwich, we look forward to helping you and your family with safe, effective Chiropractic care and massage therapy. Call today to schedule your first appointment.

Andy Goddard (Chiropractor)

After seeing the benefits of chiropractic, I was no longer a sceptic”

Andy Goddard (Chiropractor)

“After finishing at school, I trained as a riding instructor, then worked with Olympic event horses. My first experience of chiropractic was on these horses, who received excellent treatment on their spines to maintain and improve their natural ability.” Andrew saw amazing benefits, and soon realized that animals did not understand how they “should” feel. In some cases, even their temperaments changed, as they were relived from discomfort. After a fall from a horse, he began to suffer with daily headaches. “I made an appointment to see my local chiropractor, who quickly found the source of my problem. Following a course of treatment, my headaches and general aches and pains were relieved and my flexibility improved.”

Chiropractic Training

Andrew soon realized that he wanted to train to become a chiropractor in Norwich, in order to help others in the same way he had benefited. With such enthusiasm for the profession, he embarked on a five year full time accredited degree course. Andrew began training at the prestigious Anglo-European College of Chiropractic; he graduated following a Bachelor of Science degree with an awarded degree of Master of Science in Chiropractic.
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It’s a Way of Life

“For me, it’s a way of life, like having your car serviced and your dental check-ups, regular check-ups and exercise will help to keep you at your peak. Chiropractic is not only about short term pain relief; it’s about maintaining your spine for the future. “We believe that every visit to a chiropractic clinic is so important, and as such finding the right chiropractor in Norwich can be a very personal thing, our aim is to provide you with that. If you require pain relief, we will work with that in mind, and then offer you the opportunity of a check up in order to see how you are maintaining that and which direction you are heading. If you like wellness care (being the best you can be), we will of course schedule regular visits to accommodate your individual goals and requirements”

At Home

Andrew is married to Jeanette, who is the practice manager at the clinic. They have 2 young children (both boys) aged 7 and 10 who regularly ask for and enjoy their Chiropractic care, although the youngest isn’t always sure about the need for regular spinal check-ups yet. He’s always happy to try to help (and often hinder) his Dad’s treatment. When away from the clinic, they spend most of their time together, spending time as a family.

After seeing the results of chiropractic for over a decade, I am more passionate now about Chiropractic as a profession, than ever before. I understand that we can influence our health in a large way by how we think, how we feel and how we move. If you think we may be able to help, please give our Norwich Chiropractic clinic a call to make an initial consultation. I look forward to meeting you in person.

Warm regards Andrew Goddard

Raphael Schafer (Chiropractor)

Experienced & Passionate Chiropractor

Chiropractor in Norwich, Raphael Schafer

Raphael Schafer (Chiropractor)

Raphael Schafer is an experienced and passionate Chiropractor who joined our clinic this spring. He graduated in 2004 from the renowned Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, Bournemouth, UK with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic Sciences.

Do Good Patients Make Good Chiropractors?

Perhaps, but it was not until Raphael suffered from continuous and nagging headaches and neck pain following a car accident back in his native Germany that Chiropractic started to become important to him. Two weeks of prescribed bed rest and the permanent use of a soft collar did not help much with solving the problem. He then decided to seek advice from a qualified Chiropractor and soon the problem was addressed by the Chiropractor and the headaches were quickly a distant memory.

Inspired to study Chiropractic

This inspired Raphael to move to the UK to study Chiropractic and since graduating he has worked in Norfolk, quickly gaining a reputation for his dedicated, honest and supporting approach in improving and maintaining many people’s health and well-being. In 2011 he got rewarded for his Chiropractic services by being included in the Who’s Who of the best foreign-run businesses in the UK. Raphael’s other medical interests’ concern clinical nutrition, a subject which he studied for a year at Worcester University, as well as training in western-style acupuncture as well as proprioceptive medicine, the study of neurological control of muscle tone.
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Away from Anglia Chiropractic Healthcare

Raphael is happily married to his Brazilian wife, a sports therapist, and both have settled in Norwich. Raphael is a professionally trained pianist and still enjoys his music, both live and on record. A keen amateur chef Raphael does enjoy being in the kitchen on a weekend morning. As a former athlete who represented his school and club nationwide he continues to pursue various sporting and fitness activities, albeit as a veteran participant.

Raphael has treated patients from all walks of life and of all age groups and would warmly welcome you to seek his expert assistance and advice here at Anglia Chiropractic Healthcare.

Sam Clarke (Chiropractor)

Before Chiropractic

Chiropractor in Norwich, Sam Clarke

Sam Clarke (Chiropractor)

Whist working in a gym, Sam heard about a local chiropractor who was helping a member of his family and immediately became intrigued. He loved the way that each person was genuinely cared for, and most importantly was getting better and staying that way, when necessary, with honest and supportive care. “By the end of my time observing I was hooked!” he recalled. He had never seen anything at this level before and it was something that he knew inherently felt right.

Sam pursued a 5 year degree programme at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic and graduated with a master’s degree.

Investing in my patients

Having dealt with and recovered from multiple shoulder dislocations and operations, Sam has first-hand experience and understands that we can influence and take control of our own health and general wellbeing.

The core ethos that underpins what Sam does is that health is measured by how we function, and NOT just by how we feel, which is so often psychologically inaccurate.

By accurately diagnosing and treating the people he sees, Sam gets great results with the people he works with. “The most important and rewarding part of being part of the team here, is keeping people I work with moving well and healthy longer term. We understand that what works for person one might not work for the other, therefore our approach is rooted in listening carefully to the people we see.”
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“My job is to keep you going”

“To me Chiropractic is about guiding people towards a healthier functioning and pain free life, and keeping them there by detecting and correcting problems before they become a challenge.” He makes it his job to keep you going, and most importantly lets you know it’s ok to take a break from the stresses and strains that life throws at us.

A little about me outside the clinic

Outside of chiropractic Sam loves the outdoors, and takes every opportunity to explore the captivating north Norfolk coast line. Rock climbing is his sport and he has an avid interest in human movement. Sam escapes the inevitable stresses of life by playing his guitar and on an unusual note has a great passion for spinning fire poi, an ancient form of fire performance originating from New Zealand and Polynesia, which provides an intrinsically playful and rhythmic aspect to his life, helping clear his mind at the end of a busy week!

Sports Massage Therapist in Norwich :: James Witham

What sort of treatment would be best?

Norwich Sports Therapist, James Witham

Norwich Sports Therapist, James Witham

As a result of sustaining a football injury in 1994, I required knee surgery. I started to play again in 1996 and for two years I had no real issues. I then began to get regular hamstring and groin injuries which plagued my game for years. I was not sure how to approach the problem. My injuries began pre internet, so information was not so readily available. I had thoughts of; Where do I go? What sort of treatment would be best? Is someone going to take advantage of my lack of knowledge?

Massage Training

By chance, I came across Massage, and found self treatment was effective for reducing aches and pains I was getting playing sports. I found the concept interesting and enrolled on a one year Diploma in Norwich. I started my business in December 2004 initially on a part-time basis and completed a one year Sports Massage Diploma Level 3 course by July 2006 at Lowestoft College. I also completed two FA (Certificate of Treatment and Management of Injuries level 2 & 3) courses in 2007 and also worked with Kirkley & Pakefield Football Club (semi-professional team in the East Anglian Ridgeons League) on match days for two seasons.

In 2008, I was referred to Andy at Anglia Chiropractic for treatment. A vacancy became available a couple of months later at the clinic, for a Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist, for which I successfully applied.
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My Business Philosophy

Fundamental to my business philosophy is trust. My drive does not stem from profit, but from a genuine desire to give people relief from injury (sports related or otherwise), aches and pains or from the daily grind of life. Clients can be rest reassured that I will only recommend treatment that is reasonable and relevant to the individual.

I attend regular tutorials to improve my knowledge and skills for clients to benefit from, and I am a very keen sportsman.

I find that Sports Massage and Chiropractic work compliment each other very well. For more information on my specialty, you can visit

We look forward to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness! If you still searching for a chiropractor, call Anglia Chiropractic Healthcare for an appointment today on 01603 414740!

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