4 Ways to Fix Bad Posture

After months working from home, we’ve found many of our patients coming in with complaints from their time at home. With many office workers sitting at dining tables instead of desks, or worse still spending hours replying to emails from the comfort of their sofa. 


The first step to better posture is to be aware of how you’re sitting, often you may be able to feel your spine starting to curve, perhap you’ve noticed your shoulders begin to hunch over. Take the time to focus on your seated position, and pretend that there is a string that is pulling you back into an upright position – much like a puppet. Reposition yourself, take a deep breathe in and we’re sure you’re already feeling better. 


Having a regular exercise regimen is incredibly important for maintaining good posture. Whilst practicing many sports or weight bearing exercises you’ll need to retain good ‘form’, not maintaining this will lead to injury. 

Ergonomic tools

Using ergonomic chairs and desks at the correct height is important when you’re potentially spending up to 8 hours a day or more sat on your computer, whilst many struggled to find the perfect home, work life balance it’s worth considering investing in ergonomic equipment if you’re spending prolonged amount of time sat in one position. Also don’t forget to get up and stretch every now and again. 


Whilst you work on the above we can help correct your poor posture using regular chiropractic adjustments and exercises. We’ll talk you through how you should be sitting and some simple activities to help improve your posture. Book your appointment using our online booking form, or alternatively call us on 01603 414740. 


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